Posted on March 27, 2012 by Steve Mu

When I last visited Boston, Cafe Japonaise only had one location in Brookline, now they’ve got three locations throughout the greater Boston area. This was one of the few bright spots on my visit to Boston this time around, good coffee and great pastry. Their various cream puff, specialty bread, and sliced loaves are to die for.

By comparison, the nearby Chinese market has been recently purchased by another owner, and the new ownership isn’t doing much to clean the place up. The market has a stinky sewage smell as soon as you walk in. In the bread section are loaves of spongey bread stacked up and stuffed into a shelf. Some of the specialty breads are just still in stacks of cardboard boxes where they’re randomly throw together.

It was amazingly hard to find really high quality pastry, or even just mediocre quality pastry. Some of the well known chains have decent, but not great pastry. The croissants are just a little bit stale, cookies aren’t quite right.. etc.. etc..

So if you’re in Boston and you want really good pastry, Cafe Japonaise is the place to be.